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About the Best Halloween Jack O Lantern Template

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It's that time of year again when pumpkin soup is on the menu in households across the country, You have to admit that at a time when recycling and resourcefulness are high on the list of lifestyle aspirations, it is good to know you're doing your bit when it comes to carving out Jack O' Lanterns! It's fun to involve your kids, but never a good idea to let them loose with a kitchen knife, so instead, while they oversee as you create a sculptural work of art, why not get them to help you create a Best Jack O' Lantern Award as well and make them feel really included in the events? It could secretly be for them, or it could be for one of their best mates, the choice is yours.

We've given you a head start with an eye-catching free certificate template, and with our great design tools you can get creative with a keyboard instead of a knife and start to add your own personal touches, with the help of your junior deign assistant of course. Upload images or cartoons of other Jack O' Lanterns, add a few ghouls and ghosts, and then you can write in the name of the winner by hand after you have printed it off to make it extra personal.