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About the Best Halloween Devil Award Template

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For young kids, getting dressed up for Halloween will always be one of the highlights of the year and will add to the bank of great memories as they grow older. So, what can you do to make Halloween even more enjoyable for them and guarantee their lasting memory of the day won’t be of having a tummy ache after eating far too many sweets? How about creating a very special certificate to give them at the end of the evening to congratulate them on having such a fantastic fancy dress outfit?

Better still, while we’ve titled this certificate Best Halloween Devil, that’s just a suggestion. Your child, or why not someone else’s, could be dressed as a ghost, Batman, SpongeBob SquarePants or just about anything or anyone else these days as ‘anything goes’ seems to be the order of the day for Halloween fancy dress. And you know what? If you want to become a leading candidate for ‘Mom of the Year’ (yes, we’ve got a certificate for that too!), when your child goes out with all his friends to terrorise the neighbourhood, make a note of all their costumes.

Why? Because we’ve got plenty of other Halloween costume certificates to choose from, like Best Halloween Mummy, or with our handy design tools, you can create other costume awards for all the little ‘cherubs’ while they’re out and present each of them with a great certificate at the end of the evening. Then, everyone’s a winner, including you!