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About the Best Halloween Costume Award Template

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There used to be a time when Halloween involved carving out a pumpkin and sticking a candle inside it. Today, trick-or-treating, or terrorizing the neighbors as it is also called, is an even bigger part of the Halloween experience. Of course, to really scare people, you need to dress up as a ghoul or vampire, and that's the part most kids enjoy the most, well until the sweets start getting dished out by petrified pensioners that is!

We're only having a bit of fun, as we know most kids are more angels than devils, and what better way to encourage them to put a little extra effort into getting dressed up than to have the prize of a Best Halloween Costume? We've started out with a great design which you can add to in any way you want thanks to the simple design tools available to you that even monstrous kid can use. Of course, it isn't just the kids who like to get dressed up, so why not create a second one for the more ‘mature' Halloween revellers while you're having your own fun designing a ghoulish award?