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About the Best Friend Award Template

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Best friends are important, and when we are kids, our best friends are invaluable. If you are a mom or dad and think that your son or daughter has a new best friend, why not design your own a Best Friend Award certificate together for them to give to their friend. Maybe you’ve noticed one of your children has been especially kind and helpful to one of their friends; you could give them a Best Friend Award to let them know you think they are a really special person and that you are proud of them. Of course, in many great relationships, being best friends is the glue that sticks people together, so why not create a Best Friend Award for your loved one and leave it tucked away somewhere for them to find as a lovely surprise.

We’ve come up with a template for a great Best Friend Award, leaving you plenty of scope to hone your design skills with our additional design tools which will allow you to alter the text to say exactly what you want, and to also add some additional images to totally personalize the award.