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About the Best Costume Award 4 Template

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Whether kids or adults, we all love dressing up and heading off to a fancy dress party, or a Halloween party. It’s time to raid the fancy dress box and dig out all your scariest props, including the obligatory fake blood, severed finger, arrow through the head, etc. Do you go as a ghoul or a ghost, as Dracula or Frankenstein, as a zombie or a dismembered SpongeBob SquarePants? Decisions, decisions… It’s nothing but excitement and, secretly, we all want to be the best, or should that be the worst dressed one there. So how do we know if we’ve hit the mark?

Well, hopefully the party host will know all about Clever Certificates and will have already created a Halloween Costume award to avoid everybody leaving at the end with that most important of questions unanswered. Of course, you could send them a less-than-subtle hint in the form of a link to our Halloween Costume Certificate, perhaps with a little bribe via PayPal just to make sure they award the certificate to the right person, if you get what we mean.