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About the Best Business Award Template

Has your husband, son or best friend recently started up a new business? No doubt these are anxious times for them with great hopes and dreams for the future resting on its success. After all, we don’t go into business to fail, do we? So, how can you do something to give them a bit of a fillip, a vote of confidence and a little extra reassurance at a time when they need all the moral support they can get? Well how about a personal message included within our “Best Business Award” just to let them know that you’re behind them all the way and that they have your support?

The great thing about the award is that you can personalise it any way you want. With our easy-to-use design toolkit you can add some additional images or graphics that will make the Award appropriate for their business and something that they will be more than happy to display to clients and customers. It will make a great conversation starter. Then, when they’ve made their first million, you can remind them of what life was like back when their business first started, and point to the somewhat old and tatty Award that you gave them and which they still display on the wall.