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About the Best Artwork Award Template

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Whether you are an art teacher, or have a child who is a budding Picasso or Andy Warhol, there is bound to be an occasion when being able to present someone with a 'Best Artwork Award' will go down a storm. Schools aren’t great at providing awards for students unless they play football, baseball or basketball, so often it can fall on teachers to dig deep into their own pockets to come up with something that acknowledges the efforts of the best students. We thought it might help if we created a 'Best Artwork Award' that you can use ideally created and printed using the school’s computer and printer! If you want to encourage one of your children to help bring out the artistic side in them, then what better than presenting them with a 'Best Artwork Award' for when they create their first ‘masterpiece’?

Our award certificate template may make you think our designer was absent the day they studied art at school, but we hope you like the sentiment behind the design. All you need to do is add the name of the student, your son or daughter, hit ‘print’ and you’re well on your way to making someone’s day!