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About the Ballerina Award Template

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Now here’s a great certificate for you to give any young and budding ballerina you know. They are going to be so excited before their first recital, so very little is likely to sink in, but if you are a proud parent, or know them well, then afterwards they are going to love anything that recognizes and rewards their efforts. Too many young girls tend to grow out of ballet all too quickly, something to do with discovering boys or ponies in most instances, so our Ballerina Award is a great way to create a lasting memento of a special occasion to confine to the memory box in time.

We hope you like the award certificate template we’ve created for you, and we’ve made it super-easy for you to add the name of the budding Dame Margot Fonteyn or Darcy Bussell, and if you’ve got a photo of them in their tutu, you can even upload that to the Award as well thanks to the handy design tools that come with every one of our templates.