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About the Back To School 2 Template

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One of you can’t wait for the day to arrive and the other, secretly, or openly, wishes the day will never come. Seldom in life can there be polar-opposite reactions to the same event. Here we’re talking about going back to school after the holidays. As a parent, it is so difficult to hide your unbridled joy at being able to get your life back and, if only for a short while, get things back on track. No more days of being bombarded with comments like “I’m bored” or “I’m still bored”. You can take off your “Chief Entertainments Officer” hat and put back on your multitasking chef, housekeeper and taxi driver one instead, but at least you have your routines for all that.

So, the burning question is, who do you award our great “Back to School” certificate to? Should it be for your child just to rub in the fact that as from tomorrow, their life changes drastically from holiday mode to study mode, or perhaps you deserve it more. As the house descends into silence on the first morning they head back out the door to school, what better way to celebrate than to stick a copy of our Back to School certificate on the fridge, while avoiding the temptation to open a bottle of something that is chilling inside!