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About the Baby Handprints Certificate Template

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Knowing what to get the parents of a newborn child can be a bit of a minefield. Beyond booties, a minute cardigan that will be grown out of within weeks, and a fluffy bear, what else is a safe bet? Well take it from us, anything personal and thoughtful will hit the mark, especially if it is something unique. Our Certified Handprints Certificate has gone down a treat and we know that parents have loved it. The early weeks of our children’s lives pass so quickly, so what better idea than to help create an everlasting memento of such a wonderful event?

Our Certified Baby Handprint template has been created to make it oh so easy for you to add the baby’s name, and even upload a photograph, of which no doubt the parents will have a choice of over 500 for you to pick from! Order some baby finger paint (no, not to paint their fingers with!) and wrap in pretty pink or blue paper together with your personally created Baby Handprint Certificate, and wait for smiles all round when you present your thoughtful and original gift.