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About the Awesomeness Award Template

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You must know someone who is pretty awesome, or even pretty and awesome! Maybe you know someone who perhaps doesn’t realize just how awesome they are, and they need a less-than-subtle reminder. You know that for someone special, they don’t always want or need grand gestures, and something you have made for them personally can go a long way to helping them realize just how much you think of them.

There again, with this template we’ve created, maybe you could present it to your children when they reach the tender age of 18 or 21, a time in many people’s lives when they become awesome, and independent, and start talking about leaving home, which in itself is awesome news for the parents!

So many of us are short on time, and even shorter on ideas, so here we’ve done all the hard work for you with this fun free certificate template, and we’ve added all the design tools you need to do some awesome design work of your own. So, get creative and let that awesome person know what you really think of them or, play it safer, print off our Certificate of Awesomeness and give them that instead!