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About the Authentic Spouse Template

They say that communication is essential for a good marriage. You have to admit that having a sense of humour is also a prerequisite unless you want to spend the rest of your life feeling as if marriage is a battleground. Yes, many a man feels they married a battle axe, while many women feel they married someone whose best description also begins with a “b” and which may question the validity of their parents’ marriage. So, let’s say you’ve been having a bit of a tough time and you need to break the ice. If you are the wife, perhaps you feel that recently you’ve been doing all the cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing, and your husband’s contribution, whenever they have any spare time, is to head off for the golf club. Perhaps you are the husband and for the last month you haven’t been able to do a single thing right and all that ever seems to happen is that you get nagged whichever way you turn. What do you do to change things?

We reckon if you present your “other half” with an Authentic Spouse Certificate they might just get the message and appreciate you broaching the subject in a light-hearted, yet still meaningful manner that is not intended to be confrontational. Of course, if that doesn’t work, we’ve also got a great looking Divorce Certificate you may enjoy personalizing instead!