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About the Amazing You Award Template

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We all know someone who is amazing. It can be our mom, our father, a best friend or that extra-special person in our life, like our wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. What makes them amazing? Well, that’s the wonderful thing in life as there is such a long list of possibilities. Maybe they’re amazing because they looked after you while you were unwell. Maybe they had very strong and broad shoulders and listened to you at a time when you had problems, or perhaps they simply are amazing as an all-round friend. You don’t always need an event or occasion to let someone know how much you appreciate all the little things they have done for you over time, today or tomorrow is as good as any other day…

That’s why we have created a lovely Amazing You Certificate for you to get creative with. You can personalise it thanks to the handy design toolkit included with all our certificates just by adding some “topic-specific” images to the certificate for some extra thoughtfulness. Then, with just a click of your mouse you can print off the certificate and present it to the lucky recipient next time you see them. Of course, if you can’t wait, you can also send the certificate in an email for them to print off instead; there are no hard and fast rules with letting anyone know how special they are to you.