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About the Almost Darwin Award Template

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If you are relatively accident prone, then it is likely your wall should be plastered with Almost Darwin Award certificates, and without doubt we all know one or two worthy recipients of such an award. We want to say it’s a prestigious award, but that conveys the wrong message as this is an award for a complete idiot, not a shining star. This is the award you get for trying to winch a two-ton tree trunk onto your one-ton pickup, or when you throw a stick of dynamite to blast a hole in the ice when you go fishing but forget you brought your Labrador retriever with you, I'll wait for that one to sink in!

There can be a downside to those who have had a near-death experience thanks to their own stupidity, and that is the sudden realization of their own mortality, so this award certificate template is a great idea to try and make light of such an occurrence. Thanks to the design tools we give you to work with, you can adapt the certificate any way you want, and even upload a photo of a wrecked Jeep or burnt-out workshop just to make it more authentic. Mind you, best get printing quickly as it sounds like there’s a fair chance the recipient might not be around for long!