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About the All I Want Certificate Template

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Move over Bing Crosby and White Christmas, Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You is the song that people now want to hear at Christmas, especially the diehard romantics. So, what better phrase to put on a personally created Christmas Certificate card for the person you love, man or woman, or even your cat or dog! Personalized Christmas gifts are the most thoughtful, and this takes personalized to a new level. The world’s your oyster, or maybe that should be turkey, at Christmas, when it comes to creating a unique and memorable Christmas memento.

On top of a great template, we’ve created a simple design system to let you add your own words, an additional message and also some pictures. If you’ve got a couple of children as well as a partner you love, why not get creative and put a photo of each of them on the baubles on the tree, after all, Christmas is all about family, isn’t it?