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About the Aikido Black Belt Certificate Template

Martial arts remain increasingly popular and, if anything, more and more of you are taking them up in one form or another. Though Aikido is one of the more modern martial arts, it is clear it is now also one of the most popular. As a result, we thought it would be a great idea to create a 'belt' certificate template for you if you are either an Aikido instructor, or if you know someone who attends Aikido classes. The goal, as you increase your skill levels is, of course, the coveted black belt, but we know there is a journey to be made before reaching that pinnacle.

That is why we have created an Aikido belt template which you can alter to any colour belt of your choice - we just included black as it is the ultimate level. You can add the name of student, upload an image of them in action, and change the wording and colour of the belt and graphics to any preference with the use of the simple design buttons. Of course, if it is you who has won the belt, then you deserve the right to print off a certificate and hang it on your wall. Well done!