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About the Abandoned Station Award Template

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Do you work with someone or employ someone who never seems to be where they should be? Whenever there’s some heavy lifting to do or a rush job on that may require some overtime, there always seems to be someone missing. So, whether you are a colleague or their boss, how do you go about letting them know their “card has been marked”, but in a slightly more humorous and less challenging or threatening manner? Simple really; you present them with an “Abandoned Station Award”. You can either do this by leaving it in an envelope on their desk or at their workstation to open in private and for them to mull over why they have been given the certificate in the first place. Alternatively, you can make it a fun and jovial presentation (with an obvious subtext) and present it to them in front of all their colleagues. Either way, you should see some positive results. Well, either that or you’ll be posting a “situation vacant” ad online or down at the local employment centre.

Sometimes humour is the best way to break the ice on a delicate topic, and thanks to your handy design toolkit that comes with all our certificates, you can make it more personal and appropriate, and cheekier for the “lucky” recipient!