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About the 1st Place Award Template

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Depending on who you are, second place can be a personal victory, or it can be a crushing defeat. Nobody wants to come second in a boxing match or a game of tennis. However, in a race with 100 other competitors, coming second can be bittersweet. Coming second always means you haven’t won, but sometimes we need a little reminding that actually, we’ve done really well, and who better to tell us than a member of the family, or a close friend. However, you don't have to worry about that because – YOU CAME FIRST – congratulations!

While it will look as though you spent half a day working on it, you actually only need to spend ten minutes creating a stylish-looking 2nd Place Certificate and add a few personal words to let someone know you are really proud of what they achieved. The personal touch that automatically comes with such a thoughtful present will mean everything, and reassure them that in the light of the day, they done good! This downloadable award certificate template is perfect for sporting clubs, athletics clubs and even schools!