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Certificate of Insanity Template

Help save the life of a friend by pointing out how insane they are becoming.

How many times have we said “You must be mad” to any of our friends? All of us, at some point in our life, have done something dull or stupid, but there are those we know who seem to make a habit of it. Anyone who jumps off a roof into a pool, decides it would be cool wrangle a croc, or do anything that looks like it is Jackass related would definitely merit becoming a recipient of our Insanity Certificate. Maybe you think this certificate would be appropriate to give someone who just got engaged!

You can use the text we have provided in our great template or, thanks to the handy design tools, you can adapt and adjust everything to make it ‘just so’. You can add some pictures, words of advice, or ask (beg or even plead with) them to see sense before doing anything again that might question their level of sanity, or more specifically, level of insanity!

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