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Harry Potter Fan Certificate Template

Is your friend obsessed with Harry Potter? Give them something unique.

Unless you’ve been living on another planet for the last ten-or-so years you will have been unable to avoid the name Harry Potter and all that is associated with it. While he has undoubtedly been an amazing commercial success for the author, JK Rowling, he has also been hugely influential in getting kids (and adults) to read more books, which is pretty impressive in the age of online games, X Boxes and PlayStations. However, anything with the name Harry Potter stamped on it costs money, and we aren’t all related to Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. Well we decided to do something about that and set about creating a Harry Potter Fan Certificate that’s perfect for anyone and everyone who has discovered the magical world of Hogwarts and who just can’t stop talking about it.

Have fun with our great design tools creating something unique and individual by adding more images, a few wands, quidditch sticks and spells to produce a certificate that will be guaranteed to bring a smile to any fan of the Harry Potter series of books. For the cost of just a few drops of ink and a sheet of card or paper, you can give any budding wizard a present they will love pinning up on their bedroom wall, and still have change to buy some treacle tart, Harry’s favorite!

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