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Certificate of Healing Template

Create a nurturing Certificate of Healing for someone special.

Sometimes you are that unwell that a simple Get Well card, thoughtful though it is, doesn't really make you feel any better. Often you are left with the impression that the sender doesn't really know or understand quite how unwell you are. Our Certificate of Healing takes the 'get well' message to a far deeper and meaningful level. It is very much a case of seizing the opportunity to let someone know you understand that they are far from well, and that you genuinely want to send them your 'vibes' to help them heal. Serious illnesses can be both scary and depressing, so knowing that someone understands you haven't just got the 'flu can be comforting in its own right. It can also be difficult to know what to say sometimes to someone who is very ill, so we hope we have managed to strike the right chord with the message we have created for our Certificate of Healing template. Of course you can change all or part of it with the design tools that are included with every template, and you can also add images and photographs that help to underline your sincerest wishes.

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