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Certificate of Excellence Template

Recognize excellence, to encourage more excellence!

Whether it is at school, on the sports field, in an office or even at home, there are occasions when somebody excels themselves and their efforts deserve to be rewarded. The hardest thing is often trying to decide how to acknowledge their efforts other than with a few kind words. You also have to get the balance right as too great a reward and it will be expected every time, while a gift token or box of chocolates can be rather impersonal. Our Excellence Certificate will help you strike the perfect balance.

Thanks to our handy design tools, in no time at all you can personalize the certificate and all of a sudden it becomes thoughtful beyond words. A certificate is a great way to add weight to a thought, and when it is a gift the recipient can proudly display, then they will have a constant reminder that performing well does get noticed, and provide them with a morale boost time after time.

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