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Wanted Poster Template

We love this poster template and so do you judging by the number of times it has been used. What may also surprise you is the versatility of this poster. So, what is ‘wanted’? Is it a person, or is it an inanimate object? Perhaps it’s a new pet, like a cat or dog? What about a car, or a holiday? You can have tremendous fun with this wanted poster and leave everybody totally clear what exactly it is on your wish list. As for the ‘crime’ committed, well making you constantly moody would be a good place to start!

Come Valentine’s day you could be really cheeky and pin this up on the school noticeboard with the wanted person’s name and a photo of them, adding what you think might be an enticing reward (no, not that!!), and of course, leave the ‘wanted’ person puzzling all day long who put the poster up in the first place. Their crime? Not paying you enough attention…

The options are endless and with our great range of design tools, you can really go to town and create an oh-so-striking and funny poster to make everyone smile.

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