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Drug Rehabilitation Certificate Template

We like this certificate as it a wonderful and thoughtful gift to give anyone who has come through drug rehab. Sadly, today, that’s a lot of people, but the good news is they all get another shot at ‘life’. Now, coming out of rehab can be tough, as its back to the real world and for some, their success becomes lost in the day to day aspects of living. So, why not make them something that can be a daily reminder of their momentous achievement to provide them with support and inspiration at those times when everything seems so flat? Having the certificate you created especially for them on display could be a game changer.

Maybe you could add some personal words or comments that have special significance for the recipient, thanks to our handy design tools. Maybe include a photo of them looking so well and healthy to remind them of what is important? The options are endless, and the thoughts imperative, so don’t hesitate and instead do something positive to help someone who will welcome your encouragement.

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