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Dad of the Year Award Template

Present a Dad of the Year Award design to an amazing Dad!

What better time of the year to award your dad such a wonderful certificate than on Father’s Day. We all know that shop-bought cards are expensive and usually they say something rubbish inside that you’d never say in a month of Sundays. So, instead, save your money and start getting creative with one of our great templates for a Dad of the Year Award? Of course you don’t have to wait until Father’s day to do this, as maybe your dad has achieved something pretty special recently, and you want to let him know how proud you are of him.

We know there are a million and one different reasons why you may want to give your father such an award, which is why we have created a perfect looking template, yet one which you can tinker with and adjust to get it looking and saying exactly what YOU want. The templates are great, as you can save them and work on them over a few days to hone your design skills at the same time. Best of all, if your dad’s away from home a lot and you miss him, you can download a copy of the Dad of Year Award you’ve specially created and email it to him. We know it will make his day!

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