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Boys Night Out Template

Present your loved one with a Boys Night Gift Certificate.

Now we’re talking business and this is, without a doubt, one of our most popular certificate templates. What we can’t quite work out is who is actually printing them off, husbands, wives, girlfriends or boyfriends? We’d like to think that it is the wives who are giving their ‘other half’ a night off for good behavior, so they can behave badly. Maybe they’ve nursed you through an illness, behaved impeccably while your parents came to stay, or have simply been a ‘good boy’ and deserve a treat.

So, what happens on a boys’ night out? If you’re a woman, you’ve got just as much chance of discovering that, as you have of discovering what the Masons get up to behind closed doors, and we’re not talking about Mr. & Mrs. Mason who live down the road!

We’ve given you a template to get you started, and all you need to do is use the design tools to add that personal touch, type in the name of the lucky individual, and all you need to do after that is hit the ‘print button’. As gift certificates go, trust us when we say this one takes a lot of beating! Better still, you can even download an image of the certificate on your man’s Facebook page as a surprise, and for all his friends to know that there is an epic night out to be had in the near future.

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