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Tooth Fairy Receipt Template

Present a Tooth Receipt from the Tooth Fairy to your little one.

The first visit of the tooth fairy is one of those moments when you realize your child is growing up. It is also often the first time you discover your kids know the value of money, and particularly teeth! So, as well as having the tooth as a reminder of each visit from the tooth fairy, you can also use our Tooth Fairy Receipt each time as you can retain any templates you have created yourself. Finding a Tooth Fairy Receipt each time will make the event even more special for your son or daughter, and will get them even more excited each time the tooth fairy is due to visit. With the design tools included with the template, you can add a message, change the currency, add a photograph of the purchased tooth, do all sorts to personalize the receipt. With many of our certificates and awards, they also turn into great mementos of important stages in the lives of children, so get creative and start creating new memories today.

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