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Volunteer Certificate Template

It doesn’t take a lot to say 'thank you' to someone if they have gone out of their way to help you. Whether for a few hours, days or even months, there are great people out there who are happy to volunteer if it helps people out. More often than not they say they don’t do it for the thanks, but inwardly we all know none of us like being taken for granted. Especially for kids, it is vital to make people feel valued and recognized, which is why we created our Volunteer Certificate Template. Accompanied by a few kind words, being able to take a certificate home and to show it off with justified pride will mean so much to those who are not quite so thick skinned as others.

We’ve given you an idea of what to say, but once you realise that our design tools mean you can change the wording completely, you can adapt this template to just about any thank you for helping out. Add images of a telephone, cleaning equipment, ‘helping hands’ – you can include any images you want on the certificate to make it extra special, and have loads of fun while you are doing it.

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