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Congratulations now Divorced Template

A divorce certificate with as many twists as you want.

You might need to tread carefully when you think about presenting someone with our divorce certificate. If they are still getting through a box of Kleenex tissues every day, have hit the bottle big time, or you’ve spotted an odd looking noose attached to the rafters in their garage, maybe now’s not the perfect time to present them with our ‘thoughtful’ certificate. However, if they are drinking champagne every day in celebration, look as though the weight of the world and their partner has been lifted from their shoulders, or you can’t remember the last time you saw them so happy, then this is perfect to mark the occasion.

You’ll find our design tools will help you get seriously creative as you add images and special effects. How about a photo showing the recipient photoshopped next to a stunning (half) naked model, or maybe include an image of the ‘ex’ with pins stuck in it. Perhaps you could upload a copy of the certificate to their Facebook timeline just to let all their friends know they’re back on the market. One of the best line’s we’ve seen on Facebook was "My mate’s celebrating having just got rid of 140lbs of fat – his divorce came through yesterday!" Of course, we wouldn’t want you to offend their ex. Heaven forbid the thought!

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