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Tooth Fairy Certificate Template

Celebrate the loss of a first tooth with a certificate from the Tooth Fairy.

We’ve come up with a number of tooth fairy templates for you as we know that this is one of those more important events in your child’s, and your life. The tooth fairy is not as old as you might imagine though, being a 20th century ‘invention’, which might also go a long way to explaining why the tooth fairy is also a commodities broker who is known to pay a hefty price for teeth. Believe it or not, but a recent survey in the U.S on the tooth fairy (surely there are better things to do a survey on than discarded teeth!) revealed that on average, the tooth fairy pays $3.80 per tooth. On that basis, we’ve calculated that a small child has a retail value of $76.00, which seems quite a lot for a small person whose vocabulary is restricted solely to the word "why"?

With our second Tooth Fairy Certificate template, we’ve designed it so that you can use it as a repeat certificate every time the tooth fairy visits, and all you have to do each time is amend the number the tooth is. You don’t have to worry about creating a new certificate each time, as you can save your own personal template and just use that. We really do try and make everything as easy as possible for you…

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