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Authenticity Guarantee Template

Present an Authenticity Guarantee Certificate for an authentic piece of work.

Whether online or at your local market, it is difficult to avoid products that aren't the 'real McCoy' (did you know that the real McCoy invented the lawn sprinkler and ironing board?). Anyhow, it is one thing to say to people that your products are genuine, but having an Authenticity Guarantee adds so much weight. Including the phrase "All our goods come with an Authenticity Guarantee" will increase online sales, for sure.

Additionally, putting yourself in the shoes of a buyer, what better way to encourage repeat business if any product purchased from you arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity? As buyers, we all appreciate that extra bit of confidence in the products we purchase and we are more likely to repeat buy if wholly reassured of their authenticity. Now don't panic - creating a Certificate of Authenticity is dead simple, we guarantee as well. We've provided you with a great template as a starting point, and you can add your own wording and images with just a few clicks of a mouse. Go on, give it a try - you'll be surprised just what a great certificate you can create without having to be a graphic designer!

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