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The Best Dog Ever Template

We’re not quite sure why this template appeared on our website as we actually own the best dog ever and he has this very certificate pinned to the wall above his bed in the hallway. Whenever any of his friends come round to visit, they always stare jealously at it, and then wistfully up at their owner, as if to ask why they don’t have this certificate. Truth be told, unless your dog has chewed through four different settees and two dozen pairs of leather shoes in its lifetime, you’d probably put up a good argument for your pooch to be the best in the world. So, rather than leaving your ‘best friend’ to develop an inferiority complex, why don’t you make it crystal clear to everyone, and them, just how wonderful they are, by creating your own Best Dog Ever certificate?

We’ve included design tools which are so easy to use a dog could do it blindfold with one paw tied behind it’s back. You’re bound to have a load of pictures you can add to the template to make a collage, and you can cover it with paw prints of various sizes and colors to add an element of fun. Go on, have some fun and make your dog’s day!

Click Here to start creating your Masterpiece!

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