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Diploma of Graduation Template

Present a Diploma of Graduation to a person who has earned it.

When it comes to college and university, no other formal document will ever look so good as their academic certificate acknowledging all their hard work. But there are plenty of other opportunities in life where a Diploma Certificate wouldn’t go amiss. Whether it’s riding a bike for the first time without training wheels to ‘graduating’ from a potty to the toilet (yes, we really said that), or being promoted from dishwasher to yard sweeper, the list goes on. As a parent, you can have a lot of fun, while rewarding your kids in a way that will make them feel appreciated; it’s amazing what a smart looking piece of paper can achieve!

We’ve given you a head start with a smart and official Diploma template, and left spaces for you to fill in, enabling you to use the Diploma for anything you choose. You can extend your design skills with the design tools that come with the template, and use it whenever you want to reward your son or daughter for their achievements as they grow up, all you need to do is change the ‘course’ name.

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