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The Best Cat Ever Template

Who doesn’t love their cat? Our furry feline friends deserve all the love and affection you can give them, on top of a daily supply of food and water just to make sure they come back home each time they go out for a stroll! Someone told us that cats can’t read, but we disagree, which is why we created the purrfect certificate for your four-pawed friend, to frame and put in the kitchen near to their food bowl. Thanks to the simple design tools on the template we’ve created for you, you can add your puss’s name, no matter how bizarre, and we know you’re bound to have a whole digital library of images to choose from to include one or a collage of ten on the certificate as well. Most of us wish we could let our pets know how much they really mean to us, but we reckon this is the next best thing to that, so get creative and get printing, there’s no time for a paws, do it right now!

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