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Certificate of Retirement Template

Farewell devoted colleagues and celebrate their retirement with a Certificate of Retirement.

It is a shame, but today, for so many people who have worked hard all their lives, when it comes to retiring, other than wishing them well, many companies do little to mark the retirement of their employees. We think that’s unfair, so we added a Retirement Certificate to our ever-expanding list of certificate templates, and judging by the number of times it has been used, we did the right thing. Whether it is your father, or an old friend, a neighbor you get on particularly well with, or an old schoolteacher, giving them this little acknowledgment on their retirement will definitely be appreciated.

We hope you like the template we have created for you, and you’ll find it really easy just to fill in the date and the name of the person retiring, then all you need to do is click ‘print’ and in no time at all, you’ll have the perfect thoughtful gift to give someone on their retirement.

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