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Bermuda Triangle Award Template

Motivate staff and increase productivity with a Bermuda Triangle Award.

We’ve all worked with people who somehow manage to look busy all day, but you can never be too sure what they actually achieved all the time they were at their desk. As a boss, sometimes employees don’t respond well to threats of dismissal and written warnings, and instead just need a gentle nudge in the right direction. Bringing a little humor into the equation can also help, though even better if there is an undercurrent of a message that says ‘get your butt in gear!’

We thought the Bermuda Triangle was a great analogy for so many work situations, and we couldn’t resist having some fun with it. We hope you like it, and will want to start adding more than just one name to the list of lucky potential recipients. Just insert their name on the template and click ‘print’, and in just a few seconds you’ll have a nice surprise to stick up on their workstation just to let them know that they need to get productive, and fast!

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