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Vow of Purity Template

Taking any vow is a big step, and though at the time you might be fully committed, life doesn't always make it easy for us to remain true to our beliefs and desires. Pressures from outside can make it difficult not to stray off the path, and sometimes we can all do with a guiding hand or a gentle reminder of what is really important to us. If you know someone who has taken a Vow of Purity, one of the nicest ways you could support them is to give them a personalized Vow of Purity certificate that they could frame and hang on their bedroom wall. Imagine how much support that would give them in times of doubt, to be able to look at the certificate and remember exactly why they took that vow. We have provided a tasteful and carefully thought out template if you struggle to know what to say, but with the design tools, you can change any or all of the text, as well as adding some images and photographs to help deliver the message. If ever you wanted to give someone a truly thoughtful gift, this should be top of your list.

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