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Certificate of Participation Template

Recognize active and contributing participants with a Certificate of Participation.

Where sport is concerned, some say it is not the winning that is important, it is the taking part. Try telling that to someone who has just been beaten in a football match against their bitter rivals. On the other hand, a charity event such as a fun run (when was running ever fun?) or a fete, is definitely an occasion where participants are very worthy of a Certificate of Participation. The same goes if you have organized a group of volunteers to clear up a derelict playground or for another community project. Charity and voluntary workers help because they want to, however spending ten minutes of your time customizing our Certificate of Participation template, and then running off 20 copies isn’t going to break the bank, and it’s the type of thank you that people really appreciate as we all want to feel valued.

Just use the simple but effective design tools that come with our template to add the individual names on the certificate, and include ‘before and after’ images if appropriate, or any other images you want to give that additional personal touch.

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