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Birth Certificate Template

Present a child with a commemorative Birth Certificate.

Let's be honest here, there's nothing particularly heartwarming or touching about a government-issued birth certificate. At best it's an official document, at worst it will keep disappearing at crucial times in your life, as though it had a life of its own. It seems such a shame as this is a record of a totally momentous occasion the lives of both mum, dad and baby. We felt this wasn't right, so we have created what we hope you will agree is a far more suitable document to record all the memorable details of the birth of your child, excluding the number of hours mum was in labor. As you will have 1001 things to do now that you have a newborn to look after, we've created a template that will take just a couple of minutes to fill in with all the information, and then a quick click on the 'print' command and you have a lovely certificate you can put in a frame and hang in your baby's nursery. Better than that, you can also download a digital image of your baby's Birth Certificate and post it on social media with her photograph so that you can bring all your friends up to speed on the recent life-changing event.

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