What are the Prices on Clever Certificates?

The pricing structure is as follows:


  • Basic – Free forever.
  • Lite – Free forever.
  • Premium Casual – $9.99 USD per week – your access will automatically end after one week – no recurring payment.
  • Premium Pro – $19.99 USD per month – This payment is ongoing and it renews each month. Remember, if you want to cancel your Premium Pro plan, you’ll need to do so before your renewal date, which begins at midnight UTC time.


You can see all our plan details by clicking on the 'Plans' item in the header menu.


What are Templates?

A template is a design that we have made to illustrate some of the design possibilities available on the Clever Certificates site.


You can modify any of our templates to suit your own needs, simply click on a thumbnail of a design that is close to the result you are trying to achieve, then edit it to your own satisfaction.


Where are the Templates located?

You can select a template on the Home page or go to the Templates page where you can see our full range of templates. Once you find one you like, simply click on it and you will be taken to our Design page where you can edit all elements of the template to suit your needs.


How can I position elements accurately on my Design?

On the Backgrounds tab of the Graphics Library, you will see a category named 'Grid'. If you select the background in this category it will be placed on your design. It has grid lines every 5% of the width and height of the Design Canvas with stronger lines at the 25%, 50% and 75% positions. Once you have finished positioning all your elements, simply select another background to replace the grid.


What are Backgrounds?

Backgrounds are image elements that always appear at the back of the template. Some backgrounds have borders 'built in' to the design, you can always place another border on top if you so desire. Backgrounds cannot be moved.


What are Borders?

Borders are image elements that have a transparent center to allow all other images on the template to display. You can place a border of your choice on any template, it will replace any existing border. Borders cannot be moved.